Birding Journey

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North Seymour Island is 1.9 sq. km (1.17 sq. mi) and it is one of the best sites for marine birds in the whole Archipelago. It is situated approximately 7 km (3.89 mi) north of Baltra Island (where the airport is located) and not far from Santa Cruz. The island was lifted from the ocean floor by a seismic event, and its origins as a seabed give the island its low, flat profile. It is a very dry island with no natural sources of water, leaving the animals, namely the land iguanas, to rely on the luscious flowers of the cactus plants for nourishment. Cliffs only a few meters high (28 m, 92 ft.) form the shoreline, where frigate birds, blue footed boobies, herons, hawks, and swallow-tailed gulls sit among the ledges and rocks. This has become an ideal place for bird watchers and ornithologists to observe the peculiar and diverse amounts of birds here. A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees stands just above the landing, usually without leaves, waiting for the rains to burst into bloom. The island is surrounded by lots of sharks such as the tiger shark, Galápagos shark, reef shark and other animals like sea lions, marine iguanas, snakes, rays. Besides North Seymour, you will have the opportunity to see and experience Mosquera islet, filled with sea lions.


Departure: 7 – 8 am bus pick up

Returning time: approximately at 4:30 pm

Travel Time: 40 minutes ride by bus until Itabaca Channel, then comfortable yacht will ride around 1 hour to North Seymour Island.

Difficulty Level: intermediate

Highlight activity: walking and snorkeling


The journey starts with a 40-minute bus ride from the hotel to the Itabaca Chanel. Then, a comfortable yacht is going to take you to North Seymour Island, where the adventurers will be amazed at the unique wildlife (flora and fauna) in natural state. The tour consists of approximately two-and a half-hour trail where guests can shoot wonderful pictures. One can observe the largest colony of magnificent frigate birds, swallow tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies, and land iguanas, as well as sea lions and marine iguanas along the coast. The trip will take travelers to the pristine Mosquera. This small, flat, and sandy islet offers the adventurers the perfect sea lion behavior observation. It is also possible to observe lava gulls, coastal birds, and Sally light-footed crabs. While enjoying the hot lunch in the cabins of the yacht, passengers will be taken to the Bachas Beach. The beach is a paradise-like place for a walk, swim and enjoying the sun. Snorkeling will surprise you with colorful reef fish, various rays, white tip reef sharks, and green turtles. The trip takes you to the Chanel, then back to the hotel by bus. It is recommended to wear a wetsuit in order to neutralize the sea temperature because it falls under 20ºC from September to December and it is up of 27ºC from January to August.


-Lunch aboard

-Naturalist Tour Guide accredited by Galápagos National Park

-Shared bus

-Purified water


-Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, and fins)

-Comfortable yacht

Does not include

-Wetsuit (available at an extra charge)


Important note

-Always take with you sun screen, repellent, non-slippery shoes, water proof jacket, hat, and camera.

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