DAY 1: Arrival in the Galápagos Island – Highland: Giant Tortoise – Tunnels – Hotel

DAY 2: Full Day Tour Isabela OR Santa Fe: walking – snorkeling – speed boat (subject to availability)

DAY 3: Yacht Excursion North Seymour OR Bartolomé OR Plaza Island (subject to availability)

DAY 4: Charles Darwin Research Center Station – Transfer out (Hotel – Baltra Airport)

Download a pdf of the information for this tour, this contains prices, what is included and terms and conditions.

Day 01

Transfer in - Santa Cruz – Ranch: giant turtles and lava tunnels

At the Baltra Airport the naturalist tour guide accredited by Galápagos National Park is going to welcome to our guests, he is going to be waiting with the paper signboard at the passenger principle hall meeting. The naturalist guide is going to assist to all our adventurers and he will share whole information about the Galápagos Islands. Before to get to the Ecological Hotel, excursionists will enjoy a teeming wildlife journey in the highland of Puerto Ayora , so they will wonder visiting a ranch where it is possible observe closely endemic giant turtles on natural state, also our guests will take a trip under the lava tunnels always assisted by the tour guide. Then, at the most comfortable and ecological and sustainable Hotel, Twin Lodge Galapagos (in fact, the only hotel builds up over the lava tube in all Puerto Ayora) our guests will be welcome by the hotel´s staff with fresh juice and they will get the briefing about hotel and the Galápagos Islands. The sunny afternoon and the friendly Puerto Ayora city population will welcome to the travelers at their attractive and touristic destination. So, visitors can explore the Puerto Ayora pier where is common to enjoy watching sea lions resting on the pier and city park chairs, another beautiful place is the fisher market which is a small-scale fishier market, so the excursionist can see the biggest lobsters and different kind of fishes ready to take to the different city restaurants, and the adventurers can walk on the whole Charles Darwin Avenue getting memories at the local shopping. After the gourmet dinner the comfort or tourist class hotel will amaze to our guests making their rest a pleasant experience surrounded by the mist tropical forest of the volcanic highland.

Day 02

Isabela OR Santa Fe Island – Snorkeling (subject to availability)

The departure is going to be at 6H30 am from the Puerto Ayora Pier, our guests´ tour experience is going to be amazing wondering marine and land wildlife in Isabela Island which is the largest island of the Archipelagos. First able, passengers will spot the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center where the naturalist will explain and show closely five different species of tortoises from the different volcanoes on Isabela, it is also possible to see different kind of tropical birds. Then, Flamingo lagoon will be visit where all the visitors have chance to see hundreds of sea lions, obviously the pinks flamingos. In order to finish the tour, Las Tintoreras is the last spot, which is the paradise of the tipped reef sharks and it is a small bay where the Galápagos penguins like to frequent, also it is possible to observe playful lava heron and gull birds. This place is magic in order to snorkeling, so the adventurers have to be quick to get a glimpse of the penguins underwater. The biggest island journey offers the opportunity to watch closely several species of finch. The hot lunch will be enjoyed at the town’s restaurants. Another wild place is Santa Fe Island (Barrington in English) in order to enjoy the last paradise wildlife, its location is southeast of Santa Cruz island, approximately 1-hour ride by speed boat. The island shows white sand beaches surrounded by sea lion colonies thought the island path. A short trekking takes to our guests to one of the teeming forest of opuntia cactus in la island to look out for land iguanas. This island is the habitat for number of species, including the Galápagos hawk, Galápagos snakes, rice rats (one of the few endemic Galápagos rodents), a variety of finches and one of the four mockingbird species of the archipelago, and of course it is also home of the blue footed boobies, frigate birds, Galápagos gulls and home of the Santa Fe land or marine iguanas (the largest in the islands). Ending the pleasant trail adventurers will plunge into the salty sea and snorkel in the company of sealions, lion fish and green turtles. Travelers will enjoy their hot lunch aboard and they will return to Puerto Ayora pier approximately 4:30pm. It is recommended to wear wetsuit in order to neutralize the sea cold because it falls under 20ºC on September to December and it is up of 27ºC on January to August.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will advise on availability and arrange your trip as best possible.

Day 03

Yacht Excursion North Seymour OR Bartolomé OR Plaza Island (subject to availability)

The journey starts with 40 minutes ride by bus from the hotel until the Itabaca Chanel. Then, a comfortable yacht is going to pick up until North Seymour Island , where the adventurers will be wondering with the unique wildlife flora and fauna on natural state. The tour consists approximately two- and half-hour trail where guests can shoot the best pictures. It is common to observe the largest colony of magnificent frigatebirds, swallow tailed gull, blue-footed boobies, and land iguanas, as well as sea lions and marine iguanas along the coast. The trip will take to travelers to be amazed in Mosquera, this small, flat, and sandy islet offers to the adventurers the perfect lion behavior. It is also possible to observe lava gulls, coastal birds, and Sally lightfoot crabs. While enjoy the hot lunch in the deeply cabins of the yacht, passengers will be taking to the Bachas Beach. The beach is paradisiacal place to take relaxing walk, swim and enjoy the sun. Snorkeling time will wonder with colorful reef fish, various rays, white tip reef sharks, and green turtles. The trip takes until the Chanel, then a bus transport back to the hotel.

Bartolomé Island is another incredible natural wealth of teeming Galápagos wildlife where our guests will be amazed with the dramatic views of the island, so it is a fantastic spot to take personal and group pictures and it is a jewel-toned setting for charismatic penguins, skittering crabs and marine iguanas. At the sandy cove the adventurers will start to snorkel with the speedy Galápagos penguins. Also, hundreds of colorful reef fish, sea turtles and rays are surrounding the island. At the Pinnacle Rock our excursionist will have the best place to snorkel and to take photograph to the endemic penguins and the rock looks out across pale beaches and blue-green water, their colors offset by the coal-black lava flow at Sullivan Bay. A hot lunch and refreshments are provided on deeply boat cabin. At the end of the journey the boat will come back until Santa Cruz after to take the bus until the most comfortable and environmentally friendly hotel.

The third island which can be preferred to explored by our guests is South Plaza Island . This magic place consists two islets (north and south) located east coast of Santa Cruz Island. In order to wonder this island adventurers will be ride 40 minutes by bus from the comfortable hotel, followed by 1-hour boat ride. On the northern part of the islet, excursionist begin the journey a fantastic cactus forest where sometimes it is difficult trekking due to the amount of yellow and red land iguanas stretched along the rocky ground, during the dry season they survive on fruits and flowers of the opuntia cacti. Our guests will be amazed with the wild hybrid iguanas (sea and land) and colony of sea lions while trail forward a cliff top walk where swallow tailed gulls and tropicbirds nest. It is a heaven of the red billed tropic birds, magnificent frigates, pelicans, and Audubon´s shearwaters, so they can shoot the best wildest photography. Adventurers will enjoy the lunch aboard before returning to Punta Carrión near the Itabaca Channel, where it is a beautiful place to snorkel next to the sea lions and white tip reef sharks. It is recommended to wear wetsuit in order to neutralize the sea cold because it falls under 20ºC on September to December and it is up of 27ºC on January to August.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will advise on availability and arrange your trip as best possible.

Day 04

Charles Darwin Research Center Station – Departure: Transfer out (Hotel – Airport)

After the energetic breakfast the adventurers will be taken to the Charles Darwin Research Center in order to know deeply the Galápagos Islands land and marine wildlife. At this scientific place passengers are going to be able to know a lot about the numerous baby and adult Galápagos Giant Tortoises that are currently being raised in captivity, so visitors can observe a variety of tortoises, including hatchlings, juveniles, and full-grow individuals. Guests will also learn about land iguana’s life, see several kinds of birds including Darwin´s flinches, watch endemic flowers and plants. And, it is possible to visit the George Tortoise museum in order to overserve and learn about the life of the last giant turtle specimen. After this cultural spot the excursionist will keep with their transfer out until the Airport by private transportation. The driver will accompany to the travelers until the Itabaca Channel or check in-point at Baltra Airport where end the all-inclusive program.